Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm No Vera Bradley....

But I am pretty impressed with myself. :-)


I enjoyed working on this and was thrilled that I learned a few new things in the process. Keep in mind, I decided to start sewing when I took a lesson with my machine so I could learn to sew on scrapbook pages! When I realized how this whole thing worked with fabric I was like, "I can do that!"

Remember this post?
Speaking of which, I wonder what I am going to make this year?

So another crafty obsession began where little time exists to dabble in the one I already had. But alas, I recently organized my room and it is fully functional for all my creative ventures that time allows. (AKA I organized my fabric so I actually know what I have and I can actually get to my sewing machine without sitting on the coffee table).

The materials for this purse were pretty inexpensive. I used two fat quarters for the exterior and two fabric napkins from Walmart that I found on clearance.

Grand total for fabric...$2.75!

I seriously always stop in the Pottery Barn Outlet not to decorate my home but to find inexpensive fabric items that I can use on sewing projects. For me...mostly because I'm lazy...it is so much easier to work with smaller portions of fabric than trying to cut what I need from yards of it. Then there's the whole OCD folding issue I have. Don't even get me started on that! So with my limited time, sewing bags out of napkins works for me!

Hopefully it works for everyone else since I think this is what everyone is getting for Christmas. :-)


beki said...

There's nothing wrong with sewing with napkins - I have a whole stash of napkins, placemats and dishtowels that I use from time to time. A textile is a textile, right?

Denise said...

Awesome purse! You did a fabulous job sewing it and for $2.75...WOW!

Amy said...

adorable!! love sewing with napkins. i've made curtains with napkins and a bath towel before :)

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