Wednesday, September 16, 2009

10 Disney Cruise Tips

So have you ever thought about taking a Disney Cruise? Well here are some things I learned....

1. Don't worry about clothing, you seriously need very little during the day, (just a swimsuit) and most people won't remember what you wore to dinner.

2. The rooms are small, large for a cruise ship, but still small. Spend the extra money for a window or splurge and get a balcony. Make sure you like who you go on vacation with, always a bonus, and bring the least amount of stuff as possible. We took an inside cabin while the grandparents splurged on their room and got a balcony. I really didn't think it was a big deal for all of the extra $ but it wonderful! I know they enjoyed having coffee in the mornings and enjoying a drink before bed.

3. Bring an over the door shoe organizer to use for toiletries. I saw this in another room and you bet I wished I had thought of that!

4. The pools are small and there are bigger kids using the slide and therefore running across the pool, a lot. Have a Margarita before getting in and you really don't care.

5. The excursions are expensive and except for the Dolphin Experience, you may enjoy just wandering the ports independently. If you want to go to the beach there are plenty of cab drivers willing to take you to a nice beach if you ask. Just be sure to bring a watch and leave yourself enough time to get back to the ship.

6. The cruise is not very Disney, for those who want a neat vacation that is kid friendly this is a good fit. For those nuts like the land and sea option to get your magical fix.

7. I can't say enough good things about the daycare. You seriously could leave your kid there all day and they would probably be fine. They did such a nice job of doing activities and games that the kids were not bored and had a great time.

8. Bring chip clips to hold your towels down on your beach chair.

9. I got sea sick. If you get even the littlest bit sick in the car opt to get a room in the middle of the ship. Even better if you stick to activities that are located in the middle of the ship. We went to a wine tasting in the front of the ship and that was definitely my worst day.

10. Wash your hands often. It's not fun being sick on vacation and with so many people so close together it's very possible to catch something.

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