Friday, September 11, 2009

Stamp Storage

I had a vision last night while participating in the chat at Studio Calico. I have an activity case that I found at Target for about $2 that I have been using to store my photos that are waiting to be scrapped. It's a little bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 so it fits a whole sheet of photo paper perfectly. Well I looked at it last night and thought, you know, I bet that would hold stamps. I have been storing my stamps in CD cases but even they are starting to take up too much space and aren't super accessible when they are in my cabinet.



I can see everything and this can easily sit on the side of my table without taking up too much room. I am planning on purchasing a few more so I can fit the rest of my "cool stamps" in them. This binder is organized with Studio Calico and Scarlet Lime Stamps. I will make another for alphabets and another for journaling spots. I'm so excited!


Also if you wouldn't mind, please keep your fingers crossed for me. I submitted my application today for Disney's Mom's panel. If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit obsessed with Disney :-) But even more than that, I really enjoy planning each trip and helping others realize how easy it really is to manage. So whether it's questions about managing behavior or navigating an airport with a toddler I'm usually able to help. (Or if I am standing in line at Gymboree and I hear a Mom say that she's worried about her upcoming Disney trip since her child has food allergies. "Your child has food allergies? Do you have a pen? Here's the number to Special Dining, her name is Brenda, and this is how it works!" That really happened by the way, lol!) I enjoy helping because once I figure something out I believe in paying it forward. So I applied, as I'm sure 20,000 other Disney loving Moms, but I am realistic that there are a ton of qualified applicants. Hopefully I can represent all of the scrapbooking and food allergic Moms:-)

I will be uploading LO's soon, I completed 3 and just have to decide which ones I'm submitting and which ones I'm sharing.

I did try loading the video but it didn't seem to work. I'm sure I will have time this weekend since I think it will be raining most of the weekend. *sigh* At least I should have time to scrapbook!


betsy (pharmgirl) said...

I love your blog - you do wonderful work!~

scrapping4twins said...

That is awesome about the Disney Mom! I hope you get selected!