Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"I Love That You Do This!"


This is what my husband said to me over the weekend when Colin was asking about his baby scrapbooks. Colin wanted to see photos of himself when he was a baby and pointed to every page and made hilarious comments! "This is me with no hair!" "This is me when I came out of your belly! Wow, you look really different!" (Basically a very nice way of Colin telling me how fat I looked.) "This is me with my friends, he didn't want to share that with me but then he did and then we had fun!"

It was nice to see my family enjoying the pages that I spent loads of time creating. It was a great trip down memory lane even though it reminded me of how old I'm getting, lol!

Matt even mentioned how neat it was to see how I have progressed in my scrapbooking since I first started :-)

So this is a reminder to pull the scrapbooks out frequently to remember all of the good and not so good times as a family. I sure hope to do this more often!

And I will be sure to remind my dear hubby that he said this the next time I am going to an all day crop :-)

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