Friday, May 28, 2010

Well My Internet Life Has Been Pretty Lame....

It's been several weeks since I have dug through the mess of my scraproom to get anywhere near my computer. Sure, I have gotten the occasional internet fix from my Blackberry but it's been ages since I have spent any quality time surfing the internet.

Well I am here now and crossing my fingers that I start feeling like my old self soon. I did almost finish a layout so I think I am making some progress.

First things first...for those who don't know yet we are having a little girl! I think I am still in shock but she is doing quite well and we are extremely excited to meet her. We have NO NAMES for her yet, well Matt and Colin do but I don't. I haven't found anything that I am in love with yet but I am confident that we will agree on something.

I would have taken a picture of the ultrasound images but I kind of lost my memory card. I thought I would be all slick and print my photos without editing them so I can start putting them in albums and somehow misplaced it.

It has all of the Disney photos on it. Well, at least I printed them first.

Here are a few from our photo pass CD.

I made these shirts using my Cricut and Freezer Paper. There are loads of tutorials on the internet, just google "Freezer Paper Stencil."

This one you can see my baby bump a little better. I'm about 18 weeks in these photos.

And a Hershey Park photo for good measure....
Get it...good measure?! Ha, I kill me :-)

Well I'm off to purchase Silly Bandz since my son just asked me if we could go to "silly" He was so cute I'm actually going to buy the stupid things.

Hope to be back soon with actual scrapbooking stuff and some sewing projects.