Tuesday, July 20, 2010

T Minus 13 Days....

Until what I lovingly call, "naked baby mama photos." :-)

I have an upcoming appointment here to have maternity portraits taken and then following the birth of Miss Faust, family portraits. I'm excited, nervous and excited since I feel like I hardly ever have any decent photos of myself let alone of myself with bump.

So needless to say I have continued my 3-4 time a week gym habit. I am proud of myself for continuing the trend and feel like the photos (well mostly the airbrushing), will be my reward for making better choices this time around.
Matt thinks they are creepy but I think he will come around once he sees them.

Speaking of my bump I FINALLY found a few things that I am excited to wear to work. I went shopping at New York and Company...one of my favorite stores prepregnancy and scored a few dresses that will be stepping in as maternity tops. If I think of it in the mornings I will try to remember to take a few photos.

This is me at 26 Weeks 2 Days trying to take a photo in the mirror, lol!

And this is one of my new tops and my bump at 27 Weeks 6 Days.

Hopefully I will get time to scrapbook some bump photos soon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My First Baby Faust Purchase...

Seriously, wasn't this made for our family??

Or what about this?
I just got the hat since I just can't justify spending $32 on a baby's dress. But you better believe I will be the first in line when this goes on clearance. :-)

I found these at Gymboree which I have been told is the devil. And while I appreciate that the designers used Minnie Mouse dots on clothing fit to photograph next to the mouse herself, charging $32 is downright evil.

And these...
They are so cute that it's just wrong. Note to self...she is not a doll to play dress up with, she is not a doll to play dress up with....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back from the Beach and Ready to Nest....

Colin had a great time and I didn't hate it.

I see that as pretty significant progress :-)

I know have the next few Mondays off to tackle some major projects in my home to get ready for this little one to arrive. I seriously only have about 15 weeks left of this pregnancy. Hopefully it will sink it soon that I am having a baby. Even though she kicks me ALL THE TIME I somehow forget that there is a little person in there.

So if anyone wants to organize Tupperware let me know since I have SEVERAL positions available. Positions are available in other departments as well...closets, toys and bedding.

It's going to be a long 15 weeks.