Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Are Headed Here Today....


This event is located at the Whole Foods Market in North Wales, PA. They plan on having a magic show, a rock band and several vendors all catered to kids with food allergies.

Colin is pretty excited to see if they have foods that don't hurt his belly. It is really interesting to see him in a store. He understands that he needs to read the label before he can eat it and has been looking at the pictures to get clues about the product.

Last night while at the mall we passed an ice cream vendor. Colin asked if he could have ice cream and we of course said no because the store didn't carry his ice cream. He said, "I figured the sign over there has nuts on it."

He then asked for a rootbeer float and we told him he only had about 6 more weeks until he can have one at Disney. :-)

So even though this is a two hour trip today and Matt keeps complaining about "wasting the whole day," we are making ourselves go. It will be nice for Colin to see other little kids doing the same thing as him.

Right now anytime I overhear someone talking about their child's allergies I make Colin go over and say hi. He usually wants me to do it but you can tell that he enjoys meeting others who live the same way he does.

So wish us luck as we navigate our day and hopefully those frozen coconut ice cream bars will make it home in the cooler. I would hate to have them melt since they are $5-$6 for a box of four. I can't tell you what they taste like since we save things like that just for Colin since 1. they are expensive and 2. they are hard to find.

But they look just like a Dove Bar and Colin loves them!

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