Friday, October 23, 2009

Collage Press Challenge...

I am hosting a challenge over on the Collage Press Blog.

I will be picking a winner one week after the challenge goes live.

Be sure to let me know if you play along!

Tee Shirts

I am officially on vacation, I soaked up enough screen time today that hopefully I won't miss the Internet at all while I'm gone. I'm planning on unplugging this whole week and just enjoying my family.

Well, I'm gonna try anyway :-)

Since I'm close to 200 posts and this way you have something to do while I'm about a giveaway?

I have loads in my giveaway pile of newly released stuff that deserves a good home. So comment here if you are interested.

I will choose a winner next weekend!

Thickers may be involved, I'm just saying :-)

Have a great week!

Golly We're Almost Ready!


I can almost hear his voice on our wake up call in the hotel room. "Oh boy! It's time to start our day, see ya real soon!"

I realize that I am a grown up but there is just something about seeing the mouse that just makes me happy. I am so looking forward to this trip and if I can get through tomorrow I will be set.

Everything is pretty much done except packing up my documents and camera chargers. I plan on bringing my little camera too and letting Colin take pictures. I got a new camera bag that I can hopefully put my camera, Colin's stuff, purse stuff and whatever else I think we need without feeling like I am carrying the entire hotel room with us around the park. This way my camera will be easily accessible and I hopefully won't feel like it's a pain to get it out. (Which I admit to sometimes being too lazy to lug it around.)

On a Halloween note, we decided on a costume.
Well, I did and Colin went along with it.
I found a Superman costume from a few seasons ago at the Halloween store for $4.97!
It actually doesn't feel like crap and is pretty well made.
Colin was happy but insists that Superman needs a mask because, "Duh Mommy, superheros wear masks. Silly Mommy!"

What do I know?
Although I do know that the Transformers song does not go... the sky the eye
Being in the battle...
Bringing on the strong...
The Deceptecons...

And yes, I do have him singing this on tape.

Classic. :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've Been Meaning To Blog...

But I have been sleeping. :-)

Between getting ready for the trip and our weekend at Penn State, I'm beat.

So a quick update and then I am planning on a little mind clearing paper playing.

We went to the game, yes they cancelled tailgating and no, it wasn't that bad.

We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out in our old stomping grounds.

I am almost completely packed for our trip. Although the only reason is because we are now wearing pants instead of shorts. So instead of putting our summer stuff away, I put it in our suitcase. You have no idea how much I impressed myself with that one, ha!

Thank you for all of the Halloween recommendations. I think what we are going to do a mix of a homemade costume with a few store bought basics. So I think Colin will either be Batman or Dash. It just depends on which color dance wear I can find cheap, lol. Who knew that the girls clothing section held so many possibilities?

And since no post is complete without a picture, how about a random one to go with a random post?


Well, I'm off to finish my challenge LO for the Collage Press Blog. Can't wait to share the details and I hope all of you get a chance to play along!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colin and I Need to Have a Serious Talk...

about Halloween. I mean there's only three weeks left and one of those we will be in Disney. So I have been doing a little online browsing to see what is out there. If you ask Colin, he wants to be Batman. All of the Batman costumes are pretty lame or REALLY expensive. I was thinking that he would make a really cute pirate :-)

The added benefit to this would be that he could wear it on the trip and do the pirate experience in the park. I think he would like it and if you bring your own stuff, it is pretty inexpensive.

But I do call Colin my little monkey...

I really like this one a lot and have always been happy with Old Navy's quality of costumes for the price. Especially when I wait to the last minute and they go on sale :-)

Or I could start working on this...

I think this would pass as Batman to Colin and I'm pretty sure if I let him pick between the 3 this would be the one he would choose.
Oh why oh why can't someone make cute costumes that aren't super expensive...under $20 that aren't junk? Is it really that difficult?

Not to mention I need to start thinking about my dress for Christmas.

Have you found any cute Halloween costumes that I might be missing? I have checked out Old Navy, The Children's Place, Gymboree, and One Step Ahead.

I really would rather buy something this year but I don't want it to be junk and would love it to actually fit and make it through the washing machine.

I'll admit...I have pretty high standards.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New LO...

And a bit of self doubt. I spent Friday night at Times to Remember at the Hershey Outlets. I try to do this at least once a month but it has been awhile since my schedule and their midnight crop schedule matched. I go up by myself, spread out my supplies and try to get as much done as I can. This is usually when I realize that I think too much about stuff and sometimes can be painfully slow.

Friday night I only brought a few supplies and just the LO's that I was working on. So I of course forgot a few things that would have made my life easier and was having a hard time with this LO.


I'll be's only now starting to grow on me. I wanted to finish this first before working on anything else since I started it about a week ago and just was tired of looking at it.

So I called it done and sat it to the side. Well I just kept looking at since I wasn't happy with it. What I liked was the tone on tone color scheme, the die cut paper that I journaled on and the stitching. That was about it. I struggled trying to balance the die cut paper and the rest of the LO. But I was bound and determined to not pull it apart and start over.

In the end I added the floss, buttons and half pearls in the middle, yet it still didn't feel right. Then I added half pearls in the top right corner, that didn't do it either. It wasn't until I added the punched sun embellishment with the staple and half pearl that I started to feel better about it.

Did I mentioned that I also dropped my stamp onto my photo?

Now that I stepped away from it for a bit I am happy with it. I wish I didn't waste so much time on it but I am glad it was done.

More importantly I got this funny story onto paper.

But I will admit, I had a few "I'm a terrible scrapbooker, why even bother to submit stuff," moments.

Luckily I came home, slept and then looked through albums with Colin today and remembered exactly why I do this.

So self doubt gone....scrapbooking can resume :-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Disney Countdown Chain...

This was our rainy day project for today. Since we are getting so much closer to our upcoming trip and Colin is getting better with time I thought this was the perfect activity for today.


I used two 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of cardstock and 1 scrap piece of pattern paper. I cut the cardstock to 1 1/2 strips with my paper trimmer. I then let Colin put some left over letter stickers where ever he wanted. He enjoyed the first 4 or 5 but then wanted my to do the rest. I used glue on around the rings to adhere them.


After I assembled it, I wrote the number of days left on the inside of each ring. So each morning when we get up we will cut one off.

I found some ribbon that matched my curtains and figured that it was either hang this here or on a sprinkler. I thought the curtain was a much better choice. :-)

I have a few other Disney projects that I am working on this weekend and I also have new LO's to share.

I also think I'm getting pretty close to my 200th post. When I do we will do another HUGE RAK! So make sure to be on the look out for that!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here's The Pumpkin Patch...


Here are just a few photos from the patch. I haven't edited them all mostly because I have been *gasp* going to bed early. While I do enjoy feeling well rested, I actually feel a lot better when I get things done. Doesn't really matter what it is, as long as I can cross something off of my list. So I got a Sweet Tea on my way home and I'm hoping to get a little scrapping in as well as some Disney planning.

I worked on our "Disney Details" book and when I finish it I will post photos and describe why I include the information that I do. I did this last year for the first time and it was super helpful!

I did have a light bulb moment the other day. As I am transitioning to fall clothing I realized that I could actually start packing for our trip and not have to wait till the last minute. Since there's no point in putting away shorts just to get them out again in a few weeks! Every once in awhile I have a good idea, lol!

Who knows, maybe I will even get our tee shirts finished a few days before we go instead of the night before. What a concept!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So I Was Going To Post Pictures From The Patch...

When I saw this one instead.

I have been feeling a little "off" today and really couldn't put it into words. However, this photo seems to sum it up for me. I always think it is amazing all of the emotions that one can feel when looking at a photo. It doesn't even matter if it is a photo of a loved one or just an amazing shot by an awesome photographer.

The funny thing is, Colin wasn't upset or anything in this photo. Maybe a bit annoyed that I wanted to take his picture and he had already told me no. He just happen to be looking intently at a few flowers.

So no pumpkin patches today...probably tomorrow.

I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will help me find a bit of balance. Maybe that balance will help me juggle my upcoming week. Although, I have a feeling the whole month is going to be pretty rough :-)

I guess I should plan on getting a lot of sleep!

Friday, October 2, 2009

L8TR LO...


So here's the funny story about this one. I had these felt letters that I wanted to use but there were very few things that I could spell for a title. So I glued down
L8TR and figured I would find a way to make it work. Well I had completed almost everything on this LO except the embellishments and journaling. I loved it so much already and honestly...I think I was afraid to mess it up. So I would pull the LO out, look at it and then put it right back. Well I finally finished it! I'm happy with it and best of's done!

I keep telling myself that done it better than perfect!

This seems to work a lot better for scrapbooking than sewing. :-)

I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the sweet comments about my projects and my blog. I read every single one and stalk your blogs accordingly! Just wanted to let you know that your comments bring a smile to my face. As always thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a great weekend!