Monday, May 4, 2009

Start to Finish with Me!

I have been wanting to do this for awhile. Mostly because it is my favorite thing to read about. I always look at other LO's and wonder how they decide to use blue or white paper, brads or buttons, ribbon or paper and punches. So bear with me since it's my first time and it honestly is kind of annoying to stop every time I glue something down to take a photo, lol!

This is the base of my LO. I had an extra copy of this photo printed and I just grabbed pattern paper from my scrap stash and cardstock that coordinated.

I wanted to ground my photo, (so it doesn't look like it is floating off of the page). So I went to my ribbon stash. I love color and wanted to try this orange ribbon. I wasn't a fan so I looked for a different color.

I like this brown a lot better and decided I liked it better on top of the photo. I kind of like the post mark on the bottom of the paper and didn't want to cover it up. Also when I covered the seam of my photo on the bottom I also covered a bit of my little guy's face. So on the top it went.

I have wanted to use these from Jenni Bowlin for awhile and well...they were on my desk. Sometimes things end up on a page just because they haven't been put away yet.

I LOVE this paper from October Afternoon. I have used it a ton to back embellishments and stamps. Because of the ribbon, the sticker was raised a bit so I backed the sticky stuff with pattern paper.

I layered my embellishments and added a button to connect the sticker and the chipboard. I added the vintage string from Studio Calico because of the little bit of blue that it adds to the page.

I changed the button from green to a softer hue because when you look at the entire page it was just too loud. Although I do like how it looks close up, (I think everything always looks better close up).

Now I'm thinking about my title. I don't really have any thickers in the right shade or font. I know...I really need to buy some more. How did I let that happen? Anyway so I have been thinking of stamping a title. I have seen a few LO's at Studio Calico with those Carter stamps and craft cardstock. Well I can drop $18 on a stamp set for a technique that I don't know if I would use. But I can spend $4.99 for this stamp set. It's the same kind of style and I can try it out and see if I like it. If I do I may just find enough of a reason to purchase those stamps!

So that's it for right now, I realize that the LO is not finished so maybe I should change my title of this post, lol. But my little guy needs to go to bed and I shall return if I am able to stay awake throughout the reading of the books, (said in my best King Julian voice).

So what do you guys think? Is this helpful information or completely lame? (Don't really answer that if you think it is lame...I know I asked but I don't really want to know if you think it's lame..I mean I kind of want to know...but not really).
Anyway, I will finish this LO after the reading of the books and will create another post with the finished product.


Veronica said...

LO looks great! Me? I would purchase the stamp set. 4.99 is a lot better and you'll get to use it more than once! ;-) As for the title? Can't help ya. I always get stumped on that also! LOL

Amy said...

i always appreciate "getting inside someone's head" to know why they made the choices they made. your l/o looks great! i want to see a finished pic! LOL!

Cheryl KVD said...

This layout is looking good! I love the embellishments that you've chosen!

Scrapper Mom said...

This is so neat :) I really like the step-by-step kinda thing.

Scrapper Mom said...

Oh...and it's a great layout! I love the neutral colors you used.

Linda E said...

Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing!!