Monday, May 18, 2009

So I know I said I would scrap....

But I have been meaning to work on this for weeks now. Colin's old nap roll has about bit the dust and I'm not sure if it would have made it through the washing machine one more time. So I finally got off of my butt and finished this, (well, almost).

And this is what happens when you realize that you somehow got a hole in your almost finished project. A little cutting and some fusible web and voila!

I think I am going to let Colin take this to school tomorrow since I only have to put the velcro straps on the edges so it will close. I think I will wrap ribbon around it tomorrow so he can carry it to nap time without too much trouble. I can't wait to see his face when he gets up in a few hours. He has been bugging me to make this for ages now. Note to self, don't take toddler to fabric store to pick out said fabric unless you are absolutely ready to start the project.

Thanks for the comments about my hair, it's growing on me, (as well as hopefully growing). I think I will need to play with it a bit but I think I will be able to manage wearing my hair straight a lot more often.

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Veronica said...

That's adorable! I have 3 nap rolls that I am about to "donate" once I'm completely done. {10 more days}
1 is a ballerina, 1 is lots of trucks and the other is Scooby Doo!
They didn't have these when my kids took naps at school! Just the plain ol' plastic fold mats!!
You are forgiven for not scrapping! ;-)