Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blogging from Tumble Town

I can't promise that this post will be fabulous but I can be pretty sure that it will be random and full of spelling errors.
I am finishing to do lists while giving my little guy a much needed physical activity break.
Yesterday we spent most of the day outside either at a birthday party or swiming at the pool. I'm so glad that it's summer and we get to spend more time outside. I wore an old swimsuit since my new one wasn't here. Turns out that it didn't matter anyway since when I got home my new too big swimsuit was here. Now the trip is just too close to exchange it for the right size. So I will be searching at the last minute for something similar. I guess I should be excited since I should be able to score a deal, you know if there's anything else left in my size. *sigh*
Oh well after I get over paying to return it I will get over it.
I did get to scrapbook a little.
So with any luck I will finish what I started and post photos tomorrow.
Have you checked out the website
I am loving some of her free downloadable templates and I am using one for my grocery shopping today.
What about the presserfoot blog?
It's like an online sewing circle and while I have not made any of the projects so far, I'm adding a ton of ideas to my to do list.

Um I told you this was random, lol!
I will post a worthwhile post soon, with phots and everything.


Jennifer said...

So was this the swimsuit that you bought from over in Europe? Bummer that it's too big! Is there any way you can have it tailored to fit instead of sending it back?

Veronica said...

Oh well, sorry about the suit. You'll probably find something BETTER anyway! Thanks for the "simplemom" site. Going to check it out right now! Have fun!!