Friday, May 15, 2009

So I ordered this one....

I had a few people ask where to find this suit. You can check out this website.
Anyone who has had a buttoned down shirt that didn't give you enough room in the front for the girls can appreciate this website. This is the first order that I have ever placed there so I am anxious for it to arrive and am crossing my fingers for it to fit.

Hopefully this model's hair comes with the suit.

I just got a terrible haircut. *sigh*

It's my fault, I should have had a better idea of what I wanted and now it is painfully too short. It seems that I may be wearing my hair straight a lot more frequently for the next few weeks. If I get brave enough I may post a photo so everyone can point and stare.

It's really that bad.

Wish me luck as I try find a way to style this that makes me want to look in the mirror again.

Oh and I am so scrapbooking this weekend so I should have lots to share here soon.


Chrispea said...

I'm sure it's not that bad. It will grow. Cute suit. I always buy the suits w/skirts... my bottom is much bigger than the top.

Veronica said...

I like that suit! You need to get the attitude I have about hair: it'll grow back!! I'm sure it's really cute!!

Amy said...

cute suit ~ hope it's everything you've dreamed :) LOL! don't worry about the'll grow back and you can always throw on a cute headband or hat.... :)