Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I think I am too tired to scrap?!

Today was a busy day to say the least, between work and Colin's soccer game, I'm pretty beat. Our team won, again, 2-0. We continue to be undefeated...go green team! I gotta tell you, there is absolutely nothing better than 4 year olds playing soccer. It's wonderful and funny! Parts of me would love to sit on the sidelines, watch and take photos but I would miss all of the funny little things that come out of their mouth during the game.

"Coach can I get a drink of water?"
"We can't play soccer in the rain?!"
"I don't want to run, I mean yes I do, I mean no I don't."
"I still got it and then I still got it and then I still got it!"
"Did we win yet? Can we have snack?"

I laugh and cheer the whole time. It really is so much fun. Exhausting, but a ton of fun.

Since no post is complete without a photo, I will share a photo of Colin that I took outside of the hotel on Blue and White Weekend. I had to beg him for this and right after he told, "now that's it!"

He is holding flowers for me that he picked himself. He has been obsessed lately with getting me flowers. I love it. It's so funny though because if he is in a store that has flowers and he is with his grandparents he says, "hey, there's flowers, I wanna get some for my Mommy." You which means he picks them out and they pay for them. It is so adorable that he thinks of me when he's away and that he wants to get them for me "to make me happy."

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Veronica said...

how sweet! I remember my son playing soccer at that age! he only played for one year. he was too exhausted to continue!!!!