Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Tips....


I planned to blog about all of the funny things that Colin said this weekend but I can't think of a single one right now. Which is a shame because they were pretty funny. I will make a mental note to write them down as soon as he says them.

Some other random tips in no particular order...
1. Store your chip clips on the edges of your wire shelves in your pantry.
2. If you have oily skin and use Bare Minerals Foundation, put the Mineral Veil under and over your foundation.
3. Instead of cutting coupons out that you think you will use, keep them intact and bring scissors to the grocery store. I cut out the ones I know I will use and the ones that I might I just bring with me. It's much easier to keep track of a letter sized piece of paper than an envelope of scraps. I write the date on the front of the coupon insert to match it up with the Money Saving Mom posts.
4. Check out super cute blogs for gift ideas, I am making a cute end of the year thank you for Colin's teachers based on an idea from Bakerella.
5. If you need to get gum or some other sticky substance off of clothing, stick it in the freezer. It's much easier to peel off frozen then in little gooey pieces.
6. Always answer a 407 area code number since it is probably someone from Disney.

Told you they were random.


venus said...
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Chrispea said...

#6 was my fav!! ;)