Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Apparently We Have A Baby...

Colin decided yesterday that he wanted to bring home a baby from school. He told his grandparents that she was in his playroom but she was very shy. He would go in to see if she would come out. He went into his playroom, closed the door behind him and when PaPa went in to see what he was doing he asked that no one come in since he was trying to get her out. He comes out of the playroom a few minutes later and states that she is too shy to come out and that maybe he would try later.

(Hopefully you realize by now that Colin has his first imaginary friend/baby and that we aren't randomly taking daycare babies home with us and locking them in the playroom).

Delanie did however come out for bathtime and needed her own bath, help with brushing her teeth, her own PJ's, and her own spot on the bed. Colin very lovingly carried the baby to bed and picked out a stuff animal for her to sleep with.

This evening was complete with jealously that the baby was sleeping too close to me and that Colin couldn't sleep because the baby was being too loud.

He was very concerned that the baby was going to make him late for swim day today. We had to feed the baby breakfast this morning and make sure she was buckled into the van right next to Colin.

I think my favorite part of this whole thing is that he knows he is being silly when he asks me to buckle the baby in yet he giggles when I actually do it like I can see her too.

I love that he thinks I'm the crazy one, lol!

So when did your child's imaginary friend pop up and were they a same age peer or a seemingly sly request for a sibling.


Chrispea said...

Hmmm, might be time for a little brother or sister! ;) I don't think either of my kids had invisible friends... my kids are pretty close together tho, 27 months.

Amy said...

hint, hint.... :)
my boys have yet to have imaginary friends ~ can't help you there...