Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joy Ride and A Sneaky Pea....

So first things first. Collage Press is beginning to show their next lines that will begin to ship the end of September. Be sure to head over to the blog to see all of the new products as they are revealed.

Now about that sneaky pea....
I got an email requesting my address for a surprise. I usually don't just hand out my address to just anyone but this girl is pretty cool and honestly...who's going to turn down a surprise?!

So anyway, patience is not one of my strengths and I was worried that the wait and anticipation would be painful.

I had a thought about what it may be but I dared not ask because....could it be true. Could they have really been found?!

Oh yes sirree! My friend Chris answered my SOS from this post.

And let me just tell you...the empty bag looks great in my garbage can :-)

Thanks so much for thinking of me and answering the call!

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