Friday, October 23, 2009

Golly We're Almost Ready!


I can almost hear his voice on our wake up call in the hotel room. "Oh boy! It's time to start our day, see ya real soon!"

I realize that I am a grown up but there is just something about seeing the mouse that just makes me happy. I am so looking forward to this trip and if I can get through tomorrow I will be set.

Everything is pretty much done except packing up my documents and camera chargers. I plan on bringing my little camera too and letting Colin take pictures. I got a new camera bag that I can hopefully put my camera, Colin's stuff, purse stuff and whatever else I think we need without feeling like I am carrying the entire hotel room with us around the park. This way my camera will be easily accessible and I hopefully won't feel like it's a pain to get it out. (Which I admit to sometimes being too lazy to lug it around.)

On a Halloween note, we decided on a costume.
Well, I did and Colin went along with it.
I found a Superman costume from a few seasons ago at the Halloween store for $4.97!
It actually doesn't feel like crap and is pretty well made.
Colin was happy but insists that Superman needs a mask because, "Duh Mommy, superheros wear masks. Silly Mommy!"

What do I know?
Although I do know that the Transformers song does not go... the sky the eye
Being in the battle...
Bringing on the strong...
The Deceptecons...

And yes, I do have him singing this on tape.

Classic. :-)

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