Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colin and I Need to Have a Serious Talk...

about Halloween. I mean there's only three weeks left and one of those we will be in Disney. So I have been doing a little online browsing to see what is out there. If you ask Colin, he wants to be Batman. All of the Batman costumes are pretty lame or REALLY expensive. I was thinking that he would make a really cute pirate :-)

The added benefit to this would be that he could wear it on the trip and do the pirate experience in the park. I think he would like it and if you bring your own stuff, it is pretty inexpensive.

But I do call Colin my little monkey...

I really like this one a lot and have always been happy with Old Navy's quality of costumes for the price. Especially when I wait to the last minute and they go on sale :-)

Or I could start working on this...

I think this would pass as Batman to Colin and I'm pretty sure if I let him pick between the 3 this would be the one he would choose.
Oh why oh why can't someone make cute costumes that aren't super expensive...under $20 that aren't junk? Is it really that difficult?

Not to mention I need to start thinking about my dress for Christmas.

Have you found any cute Halloween costumes that I might be missing? I have checked out Old Navy, The Children's Place, Gymboree, and One Step Ahead.

I really would rather buy something this year but I don't want it to be junk and would love it to actually fit and make it through the washing machine.

I'll admit...I have pretty high standards.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out craigslist or ebay? I found my son's costume...a super cute and normally expensive BATMAN costume..it was only $15! My son was the monkey you have pictured last year! He actually saw it in the closet and wanted to wear it again, but it is too small! It worked out great because it was so cold last year. Good Luck on yur search.


Megan A. said...

I had the same problem looking for an Ariel costume. I just couldnt get Ellie to agree to anything else. Finally I went online and just did a search for children's ariel costume and found a ton of different options. I think I finally got hers from buycostumes.com and it shipped for like $20 total. It was WAY cuter than the ones I found in the stores. On the other hand, that batman costume doesnt look too hard to sew, but Im with you - I didnt have time to do it this year.

Jenny said...

Good luck. I am making my kids costumes this year for the first time ever... good luck to me too, I suppose. :)