Friday, July 3, 2009

Scrapbook Trends Online

I just caved and ordered an online sub to scrapbook trends, I even got the all access pass. I used the coupon that I got in my email which made the pass 4.99! I really got it because I was dying to see the July issue in print. I heard awesome things about it and I wanted to see if my LO was still in there. I am so glad I subscribed! The august issue is available too and they are both WONDERFUL!

I am so proud to be included in both of those issues! I LOVE this mag and they do a fantastic job staging LO's for photos. I love that they used a wire dress form next to my July LO. How did they know I would love that?!

Onto more depressing news...according to Scrapbook Update Ck Media has been sold. The first order of buisness was to hand out a ton of layoffs. I am so sad for the families involved and will be keeping them in our prayers during this transition. Even though I guess the writing has been on the wall for this to happen, it still took me back this morning when I read it. You can say anything that you want about CK and what they have done in the past, it is still terribly unfortanute for anyone to loose their jobs, especially right now, and especially in print media.

Well I have a little man knocking in my scraproom so apparently it's time to go swimming at Hershey Park. Wish me luck!


Andrea Amu said...

Hershey Park?! Hope you found time to stop in at "Times to Remember" for some scrappy retail therapy! ;)

Congrats on the ST pubs... and yes, very sad about CK being sold:(

Anonymous said...


I'm new to Scrapbook trends - saw them in a store here, but at a very steep price (importing such magazines costs quite a bit), so I got three on eBat - the July issues being one of them. Your LO has been truly inspirational and I'm planning on my own "in my bag"-LO soon!

Gonna have to add your blog to my RSS-feeder :)