Monday, July 27, 2009

New LO and CKC Valley Forge....

So I have no idea what we have been wearing to work for the last couple of weeks since I'm pretty sure EVERY item of clothing that we own is currently in the laundry. What's that about????

I wanted to post that I will be volunteering at CKC Valley Forge again this year. I'm starting to get excited about going especially since it is only a few days away. I, of course, waited till the last minute to book a hotel room so I will not be staying at the convention center. This is probably a good thing since my room will ultimately be cheaper where I'm staying. I am hoping to attend both Friday and Saturday's crops if there are still seats available. I didn't sign up since I'm not a fan of spending nearly $30 for a few hours....but I am willing to use my volunteer vouchers to work on a project or two. So if you plan on attending this year and see me in one of your classes please feel free to say hi! Leave me a comment telling me your plans, if you made any and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for ya!

I LOVE this photo of Colin and one of his buddies from school. They crack me up since they both wanted to take their shirts off just because. They thought it was pretty funny and then all of the boys wanted to take their shirts off. I didn't realize that peer pressure started so quickly, lol! To make this LO I used a scalloped square punch that I won here, a few scraps of paper and a few buttons. This came together pretty quickly and I learned that you CAN write on the Studio Calico Rip Strips.

Speaking of Studio Calico...I absolutely LOVE this kit club. I don't subscribe but I have placed a small order each month for the last few months. I love that I can just order a few items from their shop and still get my Studio Calico fix. So the shop was updated at noon today and I logged on at 12:16PM and purchased the Storytime Alpha and Storytime Number Set. I can't wait for them to get here!

Well that's it for now....I'm trying to edit as many photos as I can so that I can bring a few projects this weekend to work on. I have a feeling that this week will go by pretty fast!

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Megan A. said...

Im going to be there! Honestly I dont remember where we first 'met' but I always read your blog. Im not sure I knew you lived in this area. where are you working?