Saturday, July 11, 2009

How Does $35 Buy Me So Much Happiness?

I am currently getting a mani/pedi as we speak. It makes me smile just thinking about Colin seeing my "pretty toes." He is amazed that the color doesn't come off in the pool. Not to mention the chair massage I'm getting right now is pretty awesome.

So even though everyone I have asked likes the white dress in my previous post better, I picked the yellow one. Mostly because it's 2:30pm and I need to leave for the wedding in an hour and a half. (I still need to do my hair and makeup)

I'm going to try really hard to take a few photos before we leave since I never seem to have any photos of me let alone any photos of me dressed up.

I am looking foward to a lot of laughing tonight as I hang out with my best friends from high school. And even though none of them scrapbook, I'm sure we will still have loads to talk about!

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