Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh The Places You Will Go....

to scrapbook. I went to my friend Amy's house to crop with
Cassie and Emilie.'s kinda far but oh so worth it!
As a result, I got to laugh, learn a new trick or two, scrap and most importantly relax. I soooooo needed this break. Thanks so much Amy for the invite.

Unfortunately not everything was all peaches and cream. There was an incident with a threading water punch. Apparently I didn't bring one, however I did leave with one. Poor Emilie was looking for hers as we left, hmmmmm.

So I now have two and while I have apologized for taking it and offered to mail it back, I'm now thinking that maybe I should sell it on EBay.

I mean, I bet someone would pay a pretty penny for a scrap tool used by Emilie herself.

Or maybe I'll just keep it in case I forget to steal someone else's at the next crop :-)

(I'm totally kidding, I don't think I would get that much for it on EBay anyway. I don't even know how to use EBay..or spell it.)

Okay onto's a layout that I started at the crop and finished this weekend. How cool are those photos. I love that my mother in law took this photo of me while I was taking photos of Roger Ram Jet.

Here's a close up where you an see some other tools that I borrowed at the crop and did not take home with me.

Well we're off to Dutch Wonderland with friends today so I will share quite a few more layouts when we get home tonight.

Take care and thanks to everyone who has responded to the SOS in the previous post. You have no idea how much I appreciate everyone wasting their time in the store to help me squash this ridiculous craving. I love my bloggies and your ability to keep my scrapbooking strength up by rotting my teeth :-)!

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