Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Forgot How Much of a Workout These Can Be...

I purchased a pair in black for the wedding and wore them almost all night. I think I danced for about 30 mins while wearing them. I liked them so much I even wore them to work today.

My legs feel like I have done hundreds of squats.

No one said that beauty was painless!

The wedding was wonderful and I will upload photos soon. The yellow dress was a hit and I was definitely noticed, lol! It was so much fun getting together with old friends and I was right...I laughed harder this weekend than I have in a long time.

I will be making a larger effort to spend more quality time with my high school friends, even if they don't scrapbook.

On a scrappy note I am finishing up projects for the Collage Press Blog on Wednesday. I'm so excited to share what I am currently working on. I am also thrilled to have some dedicated scrapping time this week. I am most certainly looking forward to a creative break. So make sure to head over the to the blog on Wednesday to see what the DT did this month.

Also if you are interested in a chance to win some of your own Collage Press products, head over to the Studio Calico Blog and leave a comment!


Sasha said...

Nothing like a good peep toe pump .. and girl I know I loves me some pumps lol.

Andrea Amu said...

Look forward to seeing your Collage Press creations tomorrow! ;)