Monday, March 2, 2009

So there went my work at home day...

I'm trying to salvage it as best I can. I typically work 9 days every two weeks and on the 10th day I try to catch up on everything that I didn't get a chance to do over the last two weeks. Well, I thought I would be ahead of the game by going to the grocery store yesterday so I would have to do it today, (you know then I might get to scrap). I took Colin to the Tree House at Giant while I shopped. It was jammed due to the impending storm and we needed a ton of stuff. I don't know what Colin was playing but he fell asleep on the way home. AT 7:00PM! This from the kid who never sleeps. I unload the mountains of groceries while he takes a cat nap. I then proceed to poke him, shake him, drop things around him....he wouldn't budge. He didn't wake up until he had an accident on the couch at 10:00PM. *sigh*
If you come to visit...I would sit on the love seat. I'm just saying.

He then didn't go back to sleep till 5AM. *double sigh* So when I saw that it was a blizzard outside at 9AM, I'll be honest, I did think about how long it would take me to shovel the drive way and still take him to school. Although I realized all of the trouble of waking a cranky toddler and shoveling snow wasn't worth it.

So I have a helper today, he promised to "let me work." I'm setting a goal of one load of laundry. Hopefully I'll meet it, lol!

Here's a LO from 2008's Disney vacation. Colin's first rootbeer float. the ice cream parlor on Main Street has Rice Dream ice cream for Colin. It may not seem like much to everyone else, but the fact that the whole family can go for ice cream without me having a cooler of dry ice with me...well that's priceless.


Anonymous said...

your layout is just adorable, kristin! i hope you all were able to enjoy the snow. :)

Megan said...

Hi Kristen,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice note. I appreciate your support of my sleepy ways. :)

I love this layout. Leave it to Disney to provide happy ice cream for all. I'm glad Colin could enjoy his tasty rootbear float. Yum! :)


Chrispea said...

What a great LO!! Love the colors and graphic look. BEAUTIFUL!!

Anonymous said...

Who thought of that...looks like you forgot him as usual!