Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"So I'm still 4 today, right?"

This is how Colin has woken up each day this week. After he tells me that he is still sleepy and wonders if I am SURE that it's light outside.
So my little man turned 4 on Monday and we had a weekend of celebrating.

I made two of these, one for us and one for school. I was glad to check these off of my to do list since it was kind of annoying to tint 8 colors of frosting. But totally worth it since that has been the only thing he's been able to talk about.

It's hard to believe that four years ago I took this peanut home. We spent a year trying to get pregnant, worried the entire time that I would have a huge monkey baby, started insulin in my last month, was induced at 39 weeks, labored for 13 hours and pushed for 24 minutes, went through drama when you didn't eat right away and they wanted to supplement you with formula, had trouble breathing after being feed said formula, learned to latch just fine after that, slept a lot, was pretty orange for a few days, and brought more joy and drama to our life than we can ever count. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday and other days it seems like an entire lifetime ago! Maybe one of these days I will go back and scrap his baby photos. I doubt it but a girl can dream!


Veronica said...

Cake looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Definitely no "Glue or popsicle sticks" there! LOL
When I scolled down and saw that baby pic, I thought is was one of those dolls!! WOW! I'm with ya on the "feels like just yesterday." Mine are 13 and about to be 16! 8-o

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Your cake turned out great! :) Happy Birthday Colin!! I have yet to scrap my boys' baby photos, too. Someday..... :)

Cassie said...

Awesome cake! I can totally relate on the number of frosting colors. I had tons for the dinosaur cookies.
Yes...I hope to do both of my kids' baby photos someday, too. I wish I was a scrapbooker back then.

Cassie said...

Oh, I forgot to wish Colin a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Colin!