Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick Share!

Just wanted to share a page I finished today right after my shipment from Studio Calico came to my door. I LOVE that I could order pieces from the kit without getting the entire kit. I unfortunately stopped my subscription to Scarlet Lime since I am beginning to get a bit overwhelmed with the whole kit thing. I am a nut about using everything that I have and I just can't use them fast enough sometimes. So I was thrilled that I could order just four sheets of paper, fabric strips, (oh my gosh these are the coolest things ever), and two stamps. That's plenty for me and with any luck I will get to play with them tonight. Here's hoping!


Veronica said...

Looks GREAT!!
I wish there was a "Kit Club" where we could "pick & choose" what we need and would use w/o getting overwhelmed! What a concept!! ;-)

Chrispea said...

Wow, gorgeous!! I'm lovin' your latest layouts girlie!!

Linda e said...

Great layout. I love how you rounded just the two picture corners. I also love how the staples always look on your layouts. Nice touch. I'm just so afraid to try it myself.