Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm pretty sure I checked my email....

985 times this week. I have no idea why, well yes I do. I was hoping to get a call for the August issue of Scrapbook Trends. I tend to have way better summer photos than I do fall or winter so I was hoping that the combination of better photos and numerous LO's submitted would up my chances. Thankfully I did get one LO picked up for that issue so at least I don't feel like I completely wasted the 985 clicks of the mouse. I'm working on patience. :-)

So it's been a bust week as usual but I had a nice getaway last weekend. Matt and I spent the night in Baltimore to get away and spend some couple time together. It was nice to reconnect and enjoy a dinner out for a change. We took photos but they all stink. It was the first time I handed my new camera to a stranger, (well not strangers, people who were working and really wouldn't be able to go to far to try and book it with my camera). You would have thought that I handed them a ton of bricks. We got comments on how heavy it is and that they were really surprised that you needed to look through the viewfinder. Better luck next time. Maybe we will get lucky and my mother in law can take photos of us this weekend and I can just pretend that we are in Baltimore?

Anyway, I have been working on one of Colin's Birthday Cakes. He wants Lighting McQueen so I am doing the best I can with fake ingredients and my Kitchen Aide Mixer. I will tint the frosting tomorrow and finish decorating it. We are having a special lunch for Colin and a party at school on Monday. I'm impressed that I didn't drive myself nuts with crazy details and an over the top shindig. (I almost made fondant from scratch...I'm working on drawing the line somewhere).
I'll share photos soon but for now here's a recent LO that I completed as I work on Disney photos. I used my fabric rip strips from Studio Calico. I really think that these are the best things that have ever been invented. Thanks for stopping by, blog ya later!


Amy said...

SO, did I read that right? You had a l/o that's going to be PUBLISHED????? CONGRATS!!!! :) YAH for YOU!!!!

Love this l/o posted here, too. Happy Birthday to Collin!

consumed said...

Congratulations... I am so excited for you!!!

Cassie said...

Congrats Kristin!
I did a lightning mcqueen cake this year too. I have pics of the cake on my blog if you scroll down (also his dinosaur cookies I sent into his preschool)

Veronica said...

Well, if I would have been the one you handed your camera to for a pic, you can betcha I WOULD have run off with it! LOL
Good luck on the cake. I'm sure it'll be just perfect! ;-)

Chrispea said...

Congrats Kristin!! Woo-hoo!!

Oh, you asked about the journaling on my layout...I used the Ali font (not my writing) and made it white on a brown background. I print on Staples brand photo supreme double sided matte paper, and it gives you nice rich colors. You can even distress the edges. :)