Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm here!

Wow, it's been awhile since I checked in. We have been extremely busy getting ready for vacation, finishing projects and taking on extra things because I have so much extra time on me hands, lol.

Colin just started playing 4 year old soccer, yes he is 3 but kicks like a 5 year old so we figured we would give it a shot. So far so good. He's learning some valuable skills and doing lots of running. He actually said he was a little tired today. He very rarely says that. To get him on the team I needed to be a coach so I haven't had a chance to get any photos yet. I'm going to try to bring my camera next time and try to sneak a few shots of him playing with the big kids, it's so cute.

So do you want to hear my crazy list of things that I need to do before we go on vacation? Yeah, so I decided to make tee shirts...those need finished, I made allergy free cookies and doughnuts, I plan on making cupcakes and muffins yet, a new flavor of ice cream and I need to pack Colin staples (just in case they can't make anything that he likes while we are there), coordinate with the house sitter, buy Colin new sneakers 40 mins from here, pack, finish laundry, iron, pick up dry ice for frozen food, tie loose ends up at work, oh and most importantly...finish scraping last year's photos before taking more. I'm sure there are like 10 other things that I need to do that I haven't thought of yet. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Did I mention that we are going to the Mouse? For the third time? Please send prayers that all of the hurricanes stay in the ocean and that it is only hot and miserable there versus hot, miserable and wet.

Here's my public service announcement for today. Disney does a great job with managing food allergies. Yeah! It's because of Disney that my son knows what the inside of a restaurant looks like. They really have a great system in place, and if my kid wasn't an anxious eater, I wouldn't need to bring a thing with me. How nice would that be?? Colin still gets a little worried if he doesn't recognize the food in front of him. Which is actually a good thing. I would rather struggle with getting him to trust me and try new things than to just eat anything and get sick all of the time.

Here's another funny know I need to make up for not blogging for like weeks. My wonderful husband is not thrilled with eating breakfast in the Castle. He thinks it's expensive and that we have a boy and he's, (Colin but he really means that he, Matt)is not interested in eating with the princesses. Um hello, I want to eat with the princesses. He doesn't realize that Disney is like a scrapbookers shangrala and that I will be in all of my glory snapping all of those photos. Jeez, if they had that Bibbidi Bobbdi Bo Boutique for grown ups I would so totally sign up and pay the price of our flights to get all gussied up like a princess. And I would proudly walk around the park like I dressed like that every day.

So wish us luck, it's a lot of work and I will be exhausted when we get back. So if you made it to definitely deserve some eye candy. And I have tons, here's a bunch of layouts that I submitted that haven't gotten picked up. So they are free to share! So enjoy and I will talk to you soon, hopefully with an updated to do list that has everything checked off.


Jingle said...

Very cute layouts!

Amy L said...

love your pages! the babysitting instructions are pure genius!

Amy said...

Great layouts~ I love the babysitting instructions, too ~ what great memories! :)

Veronica said...

Girl, you will have a blast! Who says you can't dress up?! As long as the hurricanes keep coming my way, you'll be safe! ;-) Already evacuated for Gustav!! Don't worry, have fun. I posted some Digi LO's on my blog, I did for a 3 yro who went to Disney in June! Making a book for her. She'll be excited!

Chrispea said...

I remember my kids playing soccer when they were little... it was pretty funny to watch.