Friday, June 13, 2008

To scrap or to stich?

I'm sitting here thinking about which project I should start with? I just got my July CK and I have to tell you, I'm very relieved. I was getting worried since the last several issues have been pretty stale. This one was MUCH better. I feel inspired and I wanted to start working on a few scrappy projects. But I am also going to the pool this weekend and I'm in desperate need of a new beach bag. So that may be first on my agenda. I had my sewing lesson, I know how to thread my machine and now, actually kind of "get" how things fit together with thread. I need to sew something tonight either way so I don't forget everything I learned!

Maybe I will just do both. Who needs to sleep??? I gotta tell you, it's killing me that I am sitting on 13 never before seen LO's that are scanned and ready to be shared with all of you. I guess I will just have to finish a few more so I can share them, lol!

Here's another photo that I took while in Fells Point during our weekend away. Because you know every post needs a photo.

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