Saturday, June 21, 2008

And you thought I didn't like bugs....

Well I do. Space Crickets to be exact, otherwise known as Cosmo Cricket. I just love the colors, texture and details in these papers. And have you seen the new blackboard? What a fantastic idea! They took everything I love about chipboard and made it even better. Here a few layouts that I completed using some buggy goodness.

I love that I was able to use this paper for an updated Christmas layout. It was nice to be a little nontraditional, because really there is nothing traditional about my family. This was an absolute hoot! Not even my mother in law thought Matt would be able to cut this tree down. But he did, (with a little help from G Dad). I wanted a huge, fat tree for Christmas and staying true to form, I totally did not measure the space that I was planning to put this thing in. Let's just say I was lucky to get it in the door. And to think, I thought it wasn't going to be big enough. Live and learn. That tag is a clothing tag that was sent in my Scarlet Lime kit this month. I put the details of the tree and how much it cost us, (that was including the stand and drilling), I thought it would be neat to look back and laugh at how cheap this was in a few years.
Can this stuff get any juicer? I used every single last piece of this yummy paper. I love how because of the colors I was able to use so many scraps from my stash to finish it up.

The word play was already in the pattern of this paper and I just cut it out with my circle cutter and outlined it so it could "hang" with the other parts of my title.

Here's another close up of my journaling. I used pop up dots to help separate my background layers from my journaling. It really helps make my journaling stand out.
*I realized after taking the photos that my journaling was mixed up. I fixed the strips and reshot my LO's but the lighting wasn't as good so here is what it is supposed to say, "I can safely say that I do not know any other three year old who is as intense as you are. When you play, everyone knows that you mean it."

Last but not least is my LOL layout that is a standard on my blog these days. I love the background paper, I love that it is as sturdy as cardstock and has so much subtle detail that I can still load up the page with embellishments and not feel that my background is competing.

I wish I could show you more but right now those layouts are doing other jobs and are unable to be posted at this time. But I gotta tell you, they are really cool. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for checking me out!


suzeyq said...

Loved your LO's Kristin! And congrats also for being mentioned on the weekly digest for that great LO! Wish I could be at the C&F Warehouse, but not a good week for me! I may be going sometime in August - camping about 10 min. away for a whole week, the 16th to the 23rd if we can get anyone interested in that week!

Hayley said...

Love all the LO's!!!


Gabrielle Pollacco said...

I just tried out the blackboard and LOVED them!!! ....btw, beautiful work!! CC's going to have a tough time choosing!!