Saturday, June 14, 2008

My first project....

and this is what I learned. 1. When a pattern gives you measurements, they are more then a suggestion. This is hard for me. When I scrap, I don't measure so this will be a new challenge. 2. Remember how to wind bobbin. I forgot and then didn't feel like changing it. I actually liked the contrast in stitching in some places. 3. Make sure everything is attached. I made a hem for the top but didn't completely attach the lining. See #1. 4. My scrap room is not set up for sewing. I don't have a great deal of space to cut large pieces of fabric and I had to stand to sew. This doesn't work as well as standing to scrap. I will be yard saleing tomorrow in hopes of finding a cheap solution for the time being. 5. Make bigger bag. This thing will not fit much pool stuff in it at all. It's a good thing I bought extra fabric. I will be able to use this for work or just running around. I'm pretty impressed with myself for a first try. Now to see if it will hold anything.

Material: Green Fabric, Canvas, Orange Fabric, Outdoor Canvas, Cotton Straps


Megan A. said...

I have done a little sewing myself. I have to say - WOW that is amazing for your first try! Great job!

Hayley said...

Yea!!! I just got into sewing myself. I have made about 20 or so so seem (tube) pilowcases, so easy. And I am working on my first quilt (see my blog). I had been sewing on my kitchen table, but decided to move it up to my craft room. The table I have is not a good sewing machine table, when I start going fast it shakes, LOL!!

Can you send me that pattern for the purse/bag?

I think you did a GREAT job for your first project!!!


elizabeth said...

glad you enjoyed the july ck! was fun to do!

love your blog!

Amy said...

looks great - i'm impressed :)
looking forward to the next crop at FCW!!! :)