Friday, June 6, 2008

Some Randomness....

It's really been awhile since I posted any pages. I promise that I will post some pages that I have been working on soon. I'm completely spoiled now, Bonnie, from Bonnie's Place, has been scanning my LO's so a photograph simply won't do anymore. I just wish my house was closer to the store, *sigh*. Although I'm sure I would be in some serious trouble if I was that close to a LSS.

*Edited* As Promised, unfortunately it's not a scan, didn't get a chance to go to Bonnie's, but you get the idea.

So I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want my blog to be. I'm not really good at the whole comment thing. I think people post and I can actually click on the post and then post back on the commenter's blog??? Does that sound about right? I know folks are reading and I'd love to chat and here what you guys think of the updates. Pretty low tech but I'm working on it. I'm thinking that we need to do a challenge, a giveaway or an in depth discussion on how to achieve self fulfillment, (well maybe not the last one, a little too heavy, I do heavy at work and this is for fun).

So leave me a comment and let me know what you think we should do for fun. No comment is too silly or out there and I promise to reply.

Here's a photo of Colin in his spirit week glory. I had to talk him out of wearing the chicken costume today to school, (it was costume day, no I don't typically let him wear chicken costumes to school although there are some days that I pick my battles with clothing options, I have been fortunate that the chicken costume has not been a card that he has chosen to least not yet). After I explained that it was just going to be too hot today and that he loves trains and don't you want to be the conductor???? He finally agreed and boy is he cute. He looked so old today. When did that happen?


Megan A. said...

hmm, I posted about comments, it got lost. the gist is yeah check out my blog, maybe leave a comment, and maybe add me to your google reader (you are on mine) and if you dont have google reader - get it!

Megan A. said...

google reader is a free service from google that allows you to subscribe to blog feeds, then you can log onto google reader like you do your email or whatever, and it will tell you all of the blogs that you subscribed to, that have been updated since the last time you checked them.

You can even put them in categories - like folders. It makes it so that you dont have to go check every single blog only to find out that it hasnt been updated.

I am subscribed to (and read) probably almost 100 blogs (although I am working on reducing the number) I keep them in categories like 'friends' 'scrapperie gals' 'celeb blogs' 'challenge blogs' etc.

you should check it out - if you use blogger - which it looks like you do then you probably dont even need to sign up separate for an account because I think blogger is affiliated with google. so you might be able to log in with your blogger account info.

and if you dont use google bookmarks you should look into that too - lol! it is like favorites, except google stores it so you can get them on any computer just by logging in.

oh but with google reader you can't comment from google reader, you have to click on the link and actually open the blog to comment. So I do end up reading a lot more than I comment

Hayley said...

Great Lo!! Love the journaling.

Im gonna check out the google reader thing! It's a great idea!!


Ericka said...

cute LO....even with no scan! :) and cute boy!!

scrapyak said...

I can't even come up with anything that you need to work on! I loved all your pages. I think they (CK) must have a certain list to things they expect or well I just don't know!! But you are doing great and your son is a cutie-pie! Sorry, not too much helpful info from me! Keep up the good work!