Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let's talk about Lent....

I don't think that I mentioned that I gave up scrapbook supply shopping for Lent. This has been extremely rough and there has been many a time while working on a Layout and I've thought...."I'll have to go to the store tomorrow and pick xyz thing up." This has definetly been a tough thing to give up for a few weeks. Matt is concerned that with all of the withdrawl that I will go crazy after Easter.
I think I will travel to my favorite store and spend the points that my Mom and Sam so graciously added to my account with their recent purchase. I'm so excited. For my birthday they got me the Crop in Style XXL Black and Cream bag. I'm going to my first crop on March 1st and they surprised me with the early gift. The bonus was that since they said it was a gift the LSS added the purchase to my points! How cool. So I patiently wait till Easter is over while everyone is talking about all of the newly released products. Maybe I'll get lucky and my birthday gifts will include scrapbook supplies. That should take the edge off. Here's a new layout about my little guy. Enjoy!

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