Friday, February 1, 2008

Adjusting to Blog Life

Another late night...well morning...but I wanted to post before heading to bed. The HOF update is that I have one more layout to complete as well as my crafty combo. I have the idea but need to purchase a few items. My goal is to send everything out on Monday. I think the hardest part will be waiting to find out if I will "get a call," or not. I really am not sure what my chances are but either way, I'm really glad I pushed myself to complete my entry. There were a few times I thought about just entering next year but I've already come this far I just need to move towards the finish line.

I am also getting the hang of organizing my digital images and playing with items on my blog. I really enjoy having the playlist up while I'm scrapping. It's nice to have favorite songs that just seem to make me more productive. This is a photo of my work in progress scraproom. I still need to paint doors, touch up drawers and install shelving but at least the space is usable. I love it so much it's hard to think that I will have the ability to love it even more once it is completed. Well I'm off to get some rest...with visions of layouts dancing in my head.

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