Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Updates and Baby Toes...

Well after a week long lull of under the weatherness, I am finally starting to get a little caught up. It's weird how laundry is a clear indication of how well I am managing everything else in my life, if I'm on top of on. If there are mountains of it's every man for himself and good luck finding clean underwear. I'm just sayin'

Anywho I finally found a nursing bra that seems to fit and support like it should. I wore this last time in a different size and this time I felt like the smaller size was still a little too snug. Then I moved one of the hooks over and what do ya know...bliss.

And then I found out that it is discontinued. Nice. That's really awesome.

So I have phone calls into retailers trying to determine how many everyone has left so I can place an order. For whatever reason it seems that I am difficult to fit. I guess manufactures don't realize that gals who can feed large countries breastfeed too.

Okay that's enough about all of our underwear here's what everyone wants to see right?

Miss C. continues to do well, she is moody in the evening but so's the rest of the family so she fits right in :-)

The rose shirt is from Target and was a score at $3.50 She is still rocking all of her newborn clothes and has barely made a dent in any of her 0-3 stuff.

Well we are off to pick up Colin from his third early dismissal this month. Sometimes I think I should really reconsider my career choice. These schools may be on to something.


em-il-ie said...


And Bianca has the exact same shirt. I heart Target!

em-il-ie said...

And one more can make your own nursing bras from regular bras.

Just sew a piece of elastic from teh bottom on the strap (in front) to under the arm. Then sew a hook on the top of the cup and the loop 0of teh hook to the bottom of the strap. Then cut the strap from the cup.

Did that make sense?

Veronica said...

WoW! She is just getting MORE adorable! Is that even possible?
Good luck on your hunt for NB's!