Thursday, November 11, 2010

Embrace the Camera and Other Randoms...


I had Matt snap this photo this afternoon in the middle of Colin playing Toy Story Mania on his Wii and Miss C having a nursing induced coma. This is our new normal.

Although today included a shower, going to the gym, and a parent teacher conference. So generally our new normal doesn't include this much kid free time but we will go with that for the sake of the picture :-)


Also since it Veterans Day I thought I would share a photo of my favorite one.


I finally took a photo of this image so I can make copies. My sister found a way to get copies of the originals and I look forward to ordering those, but for now at least I have this. This is my Dad back in the day and I have to say that he makes a very handsome solider. He served in WWII and Korea. I am very thankful for his service and for everyone else who has come before him and after him.

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such a great post.