Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pray For Soy or Thank God For The Washing Machine...

Either way we are praying today :-)

So the first title is because I have secretly exchanged Colin's Coconut Milk Yogurt for Soy Yogurt. I say secretly because if I told him it was Soy he wouldn't touch it..yay for food allergy awareness! Boo for food trials! Here is today's lunch...

A sunbutter and organic jelly sandwich on homemade bread, Triscuts, Carrots, PSU Pineapple Chunks, and a small serving of Silk Vanilla Yogurt. I threw in a treat from Trick or Treating and a juicebox and we have hit every food group. He had some soy last evening and didn't throw up, run to the bathroom or break out in hives. So if you are the praying kind please think of Colin as we try this since literally this would open a huge amount of eating out options for our little guy. Soy milk is everywhere now! So not only could he go to Dunkin he could also go to Starbucks :-)

Not to brag...but I will :-) I put this together today while breastfeeding Charlotte in a sling. So I totally felt all Earth Mothery today while actually accomplishing something. Which seems like a pretty big feat this week.

Hence the second title :-)

Charlotte LOVES running water. She is a bit demanding and desires to be held most of the day or in her car seat while running an errand. (Which I totally don't mind, my home on the other hand is requiring some attention) She is a pretty light sleeper so as soon as you put her down or come home she knows and is NOT happy about it. So I am thanking God today for having laundry all over my house because it gave me a few extra minutes between feedings since I sat Miss C. in her car seat in front of the machine. So if it wasn't for laundry I wouldn't be able to have lunch or blog today with both hands :-)

We did manage Trick or Treating which Colin enjoyed even though he gives most of it away to his parents but really, don't most kids do that anyway?


See no running water in the photo or a boob in her mouth. Miss C. Not happy.

I have no idea why it was so hard to find a newborn costume. I guess they figure that you should be a better parent and not take them outside at all. Hey, I read a study that is linking lack of Vitamin D exposure to Food Allergies. So uhh. We are outside a lot.

Here's Colin handing out candy. He said he actually liked this more anyway. As always he was a complete riot.

Gotta run, the machine stopped and she knows...

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