Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess Who Is One Month Old...

Little Miss C!


I'm going to try really hard to do this every month. I have no idea what happened in Colin's first year unless it revolved around a doctor's visit or projectile vomiting. So here's hoping that this improves my memory!

(And just to be clear, I can't take credit for this idea. I've seen this on Susan Weinroth's blog).

At One Month...
-Does not like to be put down and is in a ring sling as I type this.
-Is nursing like a pro and I just pumped milk yesterday so I can leave the house for more than five minutes, (I mean Daddy can experience the special bond of feeding).
-Likes her bouncer but not either swing that we own.
-Is sleeping well at night and gave me a wonderful 6 hour stretch last night.
-Still sounds like a duck when she is awake.
-Helps me everyday to drop off and pick up her brother.
-Just today spit up a little on Colin.
-Seems to be doing well and is tolerating everything that I am eating...except for maybe the spicy chili that I made the other day :-)
-Is still wearing newborn clothes and some 0-3 months from Old Navy.
-Looks like a porcelain doll when she is asleep and a crazed diva when she is upset.
-Starting to look like her own person but still needs some more bows since she is often mistaken for a boy.
-Has way more hair then her brother had at this time...even though it's still very little.
-LOVES running water.

Also today is Thursday so I took a quick photo of where Charlotte has been spending a lot of her time.



Well it's raining here so I plan on staying in today and trying to catch up around the house to get ready for the weekend.


Leasa said...

Love both pictures. Wish when mine were that small I had had an idea like that. I think 11, 9, and 5 are probably a little to old to start the shirt with the age on it.

Veronica said...

Stinkin adorable!!!!
Wish I would have thought of that when my 2 were little. Now, well, they're teenagers!!!
Hope you keep it up. LOVE reading about Miss C!

Fawn Teresi said...

So cute!!!!!!!!

Super Lily said...

Awww, as simple as this image's going to be all that more beautiful in years to come.

Laurie J said...

haha, I like the picture of you taking a pic w/baby in sling! classic mommyhood ;)

emily said...

awwww, happy 1 month birthday!

she's precious :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

she is precious. lol @ the porcelain doll and crazed diva remarks. :))