Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Many More School Lunches Do I Have to Pack?!

I've thought about actually doing the math but I am pretty sure I would break down in tears. Packing a balanced and interesting lunch for a 5 year old who only has a few things that he can eat cold let alone things that he likes is just a bit overwhelming right now.

Now granted I'm sure that I am making this harder on myself than needed, but it's still pretty complicated.

I am however excited to have made a few purchases to make things a bit easier. We got a few new snack size containers for dressing and dip, and I found these packets...
Let me tell you, it's extremely difficult and messy to clean Sunbutter out of a tiny container after it has been in a lunch box all day. Yuck!
So even though it's nearly $7 for a box of 10 1oz servings, (and who knows how much to ship), I plan on placing an order soon just to avoid doing dishes.

In other exciting news we will soon have Minnie Mouse Bake Shop Chocolate Chip cookies to help us out during snack time. A girl needs to be able to grab at least one prepackaged snack on occasion, especially on soccer days.


These aren't our chocolate chip cookies but I couldn't find a picture of the 100 calorie snacks and well...looking at these makes me just as happy. It took ALOT of arm twisting and my stellar manipulating, I mean social work, skills to get Disney to agree to ship the cookies.

They generally don't ship food but especially don't ship chocolate because it's just so stinkin hot there. So they sent a merchandise runner into the parks to search for the cookies and then read the ingredients over the phone. They agreed to ship them to us as long as we realized that they could be a mess by the time they got here. I assured them that my son eats all kinds of things that I wouldn't be able to choke down and that in fact he has never met a carb that he doesn't like. So they are being air mailed to us and we should have them in a few days. Yay! So thanks Disney for not only making a cookie in a cute package that doesn't kill my kid but for also being willing to ship it to me.


Elizabeth, blogging for SunButter said...

Happy you found SunButter packets. As a fellow lunch-packin' mom, I'm rooting for you. Hang in there!

Amy said...

after packing 3 lunches for my kids every night for the last two weeks, i'm about ready to pack it in, too. i'm already annoyed with this daily chore :( i don't know how you do it w/the allergy thing, too!!

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, just another reason why I love Disney SOOO much. I'm so glad they came through for you guys! :-) What can't Colin have?