Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PSU Maternity Tee Shirt...

I have never seen a maternity section at the "Big Blue on the Corner," so I decided to take matters into my own crafty little hands. I made a shirt for Disney but by the time I wanted to wear it at the parks it didn't fit since it was just a regular fitted tee shirt from A.C. Moore. So this time I actually purchased a moderately priced maternity tee and figured that if I ruined it...well I was screwed because no matter what I would be ticked about spending $11 on a tee shirt that I was planning on only wearing for one day. What can I say...I'm cheap like that, lol!

I really wanted to reverse applique PSU on my belly and found a few tutorials on the internet to point me in the right direction.

What you need...
Tee Shirt
Pretty Fabric (mine was a Pottery Barn napkin)
DMC Floss
Fusible Web or Temporary Fabric Adhesive
Soft'n Sheer Stabilizer
Freezer Paper

Sorry there are no photos since I, of course, did this right before we left for the weekend while I was packing and well...I just didn't feet like it :-)

First I cut my letters out of freezer paper with my Cricut. I then ironed them onto my tee and then tried it on to make sure I liked the position. I then turned the shirt inside out to attach my fabric that would peek through under the letters.

Once everything was positioned correctly I attached an embroidery hoop to my tee with the stabilizer behind my pretty fabric. The stabilizer makes it easier to stitch on the knit fabric and will ultimately help the letters keep their shape after washing. I then outlined each letter with stitching. Once each letter was complete, I removed the freezer paper and then used very sharp scissors to cut away the knit fabric of my tee shirt. I then turned it inside out once again and cut away the excess fabric being careful to not cut through any of the stitches.


I was just pleased as punch with myself and my hubby couldn't figure out why I just wouldn't wear one of his shirts to the game. Duh, his shirts aren't nearly as cute.


Veronica said...

that. is. freakin. awesome!!!

Amy said...

so cute!!!! you may have a gold mine here...i'm sure there's a market for maternity shirts w/alma maters....hmmmmmmm....