Monday, August 30, 2010

Total Randomness...

I am trying to get a bit organized before my, "photo shoot" for naked baby mama photos this afternoon so I figured...hey why not blog?

Except I surprisingly don't have too much to blog about.

I did make an extremely elaborate lunch for my food allergic Kindergartner. I should have taken a photo but we were already running behind because of said lunch. Colin likes when I make pot pie noodles for him which you can imagine involve milk and butter. With a little creativity, I can make these for him that they are safe but I fear there may be too many steps involved for lunch.

He has his thermos, (which he is able to open by himself), a paper plate to put his noodles on and a cracker topping to spread on the top. I seriously would love to be a fly on the wall to see how he handles this today. There are also grapes, a homemade chocolate chip cookie and carrots with Sunbutter to dip.


What is it about Kindergarten that makes me miss him more during the day?


Totally wishing I was here right about now. When I start dreaming about vacation I know that I am doing a bit too much. Can I tell you how stinkin' excited I am to take our little princess here?!

I should probably start making her princess gowns now so there will be done by the next time we are able to take a trip. Because seriously if didn't try to do something totally over the top insane, (like making a dress for her for every night of our trip, or making the kids bedding or making a maternity tee shirt for this weekend's PSU game), I wouldn't be me.

At least admitting that it is insane is the first step, or so I've been told.


Veronica said...

I will NEVER admit I'm insane and you can't make me! :^P
Glad to hear you are feeling great!!!

Chris Hertel said...

Aww, that lunch sounds so cute. I remember sending Ethan to school with his special snacks for snack time. Hope you're feeling well!!