Friday, January 2, 2009

I can't even find the words....

to explain how excited I am! I wish I had major news to share but I don't. I am just that excited to play with my new camera!!!! My lens and remote came today and this one had a full day with his grandparents and is knocked out on the couch.

So I have been walking around the house trying to find things to take a picture of. I have never been able to take decent photos inside of my house and LOVE that I am able to do it without all of the aggrivation.

And I am working on a few layouts this weekend. My goal is to submit something to every magazine that has a call due on Monday. I'm hoping to get a good bit accomplished and can't wait to actually take decent photos of my LO's without have to set up a photo shoot outside, stand on a chair above my layout, hold my breath and take several photos to find one that is sharp enough. I can actually take a decent photo in a pinch inside now, lol. Thanks for letting me share my excitment and I will be posting LO's tomorrow, I really need to use up my stash! Blog ya later!


Hayley said...

Congrats on the new cam!!! Im a Canon girl myself, lol. I got my slr for Chrismtas last year. Just went manuel this summer though. Have fun playing!!!


Veronica said...

Just what kind of camera is it? I'm saving for a new one myself! Good luck on all your "Calls." Can't wait to see your new LO's!!!!

Gladys said...

Hello There!

Long time no chat!! Have fun with your new toy!


emily said...

thanks for following me on my other blog! you'll still see crafty stuff from worries!
good luck with the calls...hey, do you know anything about HOF this year? is it going on?