Friday, January 16, 2009

Cupcake Interrupted

Well this morning got off to a stellar start. There was a child in Colin's class that was celebrating a birthday today so I needed to bring in a cupcake for Colin. I defrosted them last night and was planning on making the frosting then too. I just couldn't get up after I finally got Colin asleep. So I woke up this morning, made frosting and lovingly decorated mini cupcakes with pretty frosting and sprinkles. We were doing pretty well, I remembered everything that I needed for school. PJ Day-Check, Rice Milk-Check, Jelly Beans-Check, Cupcakes-Check. We get to daycare and as I am getting Colin out of the van I drop the cupcakes.
Upside down.
I started to cry. I told him that I was so sorry that I smashed his cupcakes and that they were still yummy. We finished running into the building, because it was FREEZING, and Colin said, "I'm mad at Jesus right now." I said, "Jesus didn't make me drop the cupcakes, why are you mad?" Colin said, "because he made it too cold today and I am mad at him. I'll eat the cupcakes."

To top it all off, he missed the party anyway. They were having another party this afternoon for another child so he ate his smashed cupcakes then.


Veronica said...

Oh Kristin!!! Murphy's law really sucks right now! What a trooper Colin was! Happy B-day Colin!!

AZAnjanette said...

awww darn! well I made a baby shower cake on Sunday that was the shape of a 3-d fire truck for my neighbor's daughter-in-law and when they transported the cake, they probably didn't have the a/c on in the car and it was a warm day here in Arizona so the buttercream melted. It was a melted red firetruck. I was so bummed. All that work squeezing out frosting and it MELTED. But like the 'smashed' cupcakes, it still tasted good; it just didn't look good!