Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hair today...gone tomorrow!

Well I did it, I shaved my son's head. After daily struggles at bath time to wash it and in the mornings to brush it, I decided that it wasn't worth it. I keep hoping that this grand head of curls will appear in Colin's ever so slowly growing mane. It's not happening, at least anytime soon. Colin's hair really didn't start growing until about 2 1/2. Till then it was mostly peach fuzz. He still has a few spots that haven't filled in, hence the close shave. Oh well, it will grow back and hopefully this time we will be able to do something with it. Maybe some spikes in the front.
This photo was from last night's Open House show at Colin's daycare. It was so cute, all the kids sang songs as a large group as well as in their small classrooms. Of course my kid is the one that is perplexed because he couldn't find me in the audience and once he did he VERY loudly said hi to me. He is lucky he is cute. He then proceeded to sing his songs very content that I was watching him.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend! Sorry that I haven't posted any layouts,I still haven't decided if I'm going to enter SOY this year or not. I need 12 never before seen layouts so anything I create right now has been going towards that project. There's only a few days left but I have time. Wish me luck!

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