Thursday, March 20, 2008

Post Op Day Two

Thanks for all the well wishes, I made it through my surgery pretty well and am trying to do as little as possible, which is tough for me. I finished Colin's cake last night in between shifts of ice packs but was pretty happy with the results even if I did forget the bunny's nose. (Hey I was taking a decent amount of pain meds.) This was my first attempt at decorating a cake like this. Colin was so excited to take it to daycare today and share it with his friends. I like making sure that he is not the "poor allergy kid," who is eating crackers when everyone else has a yummy snack. Hopefully he will have a ton a great cake and get to feel excited that his Mom made it for him. Here's a picture!

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elizabeth said...

That cake is awesome! My hubby's name is Collin. Love it!

I love the name of your blog!:) And your layouts are fabulous too!