Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All Night Long.....

Well the plan for tonight...well this morning is to just stay up. I'm having my gallbladder taken out in the morning, (bummer) so rather than going to sleep I figured I would finish some projects that I have been working on. I figured it's not that big of a deal since I will be sleeping all day tomorrow anyway. I've been working hard to make sure everything is in order as much as possible so that my recruitments can fill in for me for the next few days until I'm feeling better. Colin's birthday is on Sunday and his Easter party at school is on Thursday so I was going to make cupcakes but thought...what the heck...I don't have anything else to do why don't I make a bunny cake. So right now I'm freezing the cake rounds so they are a little sturdier to work with and then I'll frost them. Staying busy helps me keep my mind off of the next few days. I'll post pics of the cake when it is completed. Hopefully I'll finish it before I'm on pain pills so the poor bunny doesn't have too many ears or something. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Here's a new layout about DS in the nudey cutie counting his bath toys...aka mold collectors. Enjoy!

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Miss Onigur said...

How cute is he?! I remember mine having the "mold collectors" too! Only I HAD TO CLEAN them!
Good luck on your surgery. I'm sure you will be just fine. You got all your "ducks" in a row, the "fill-ins" will be okay!
God Bless, Veronica