Saturday, January 28, 2012

Totally Random Thoughts....

I'm eating an apple while blogging on Colin's iPad.
I finally figured out my Pampered Chef can opener. Totally awesome btw, thanks You Tube.
I died a little on the inside when our high speed Internet wasn't working. If it wasn't for my Blackberry I may have totally lost it.
Just got home from the gym and the kids are with their grandparents and Matt is at work. I am so excited to take a shower in peace.
Going to purchase a new car seat today for Miss C, we have rewards dollars and Babies R Us has their trade in event going on.
I love saving money.
I am currently working on my Project Disney book. Each spread will be a summary of each of our past trips. I love that they will all be in one place and I will get see how our family and the park changes over the years.
It's really hard to type with just one finger while eating an apple.
Happy Saturday!


Jenny said...

I enjoy reading your thoughts

Veronica said...

TFS!! i love when i come home from work during the week that the kids are at school and hubs is at work! Ahhhh. Peace! ;-)

One bolt short of a toolbox said...

Absolutely LOVE the blog!! just added you to my follow list, hope you can stop by and check mine out sometime!

Can wait until the next posting!