Sunday, January 15, 2012

How I Am Using Project Life....

Yeah, I know.

If you read blogs or are on Pinterest. It's everywhere.

If not you can read about it here.

So I started thinking about this project 11/13/2009. This is the day that I decided to have a baby. I still have no idea what changed my mind that day I was driving to work, but I did, and that was the day our life changed.

So I started taking a picture everyday so I could document the process from infertility treatment to birth. I was so excited to keep track of every detail...and then I got pregnant and totally forgot how exhausting growing a person is. So I pretty much stopped everything related to memory keeping since I was just barely keeping my head above water. But now I am starting to feel little bits of my old self and I'm ready to tackle a project. (Or at least I think I am).

So I've decided to finish the album I started but also use it to catch up.
I have barely printed a photo in the last two years. TWO YEARS! Everything is kind of a blur from 2009 to now. One of the great aha moments of my life happened when I realized that I didn't have to try to take a photo for everyday or have a layout in this album for every week. Seriously this was a pretty life changing revelation for me. Yes, I know...I don't get out much.

So this album will cover weeks from 11/13/2009-January 2010. Then I got a little sketchy with taking photos and January-September 2010 will be months in review layouts. I am using We R Memory Keepers 4x6 page protectors for this project so months that I have 7+ photos get a 2 page spread, months with less than 7+ photos get one page. Again...LIFE CHANGING :-)

October it picks up again to weekly layouts since this is when Miss C was born and babies sleep so much at first and well I was excited and I took lots of photos. Yeah that didn't last long and once we get to January 2011 we are back to monthly highlights. This album will hold everything up until 2012. I plan on starting a new album and stick to the week in review approach.

I'm so stinking excited for this and I suddenly feel much for organized and less guilty about sleeping. And get this...I saw an idea to use this for frequent Disney trips and I was all like..."Hey that's us...we have 8 trips that are just waiting to be put somewhere." Again, LIFE CHANGING. Seriously.



Veronica said...

Girl, that was the LAST time I did PL! I have that SAME album, but I printed out digi layouts to place in there. Got all the way up to October!!!! Then my drive CRASHED and I lost everything else. boo.
I've started again and doing WELL. It is being documented on my blog. Hey, accountability!!! LOL
I'll be your CHEERLEADER!!! GO! GO!

Latharia said...

I've been using it to document my daughter's first year of life. It is amazing to see it unfold! I did one 2 years ago, just to document our every day lives. Let me say, the albums look like they are from 2 different planets! WTG on your journey! :)