Monday, November 9, 2009

Well It Finally Happened...

After ages of leaving LO's in progress accessible to preschool hands, Colin finally decided that my LO needed "some help."

Colin: "Mommy where's the glue?"
Me: "I don't have any."
Colin: "Well what is this?" As he walks across the room and finds a tacky glue bottle.
Me: "It's glue but please don't use it, we are getting ready to leave."

We finish putting our shoes on and as we walk into the garage Colin says...

Colin: "So Mommy, what do you think of your scrapbooking? I made it special for you. I wanted to scrapbook with you so I made it special."


So I walk slowly over to my counter and see how special Colin made my almost finished LO. He glued a string of scrapper's floss to the photo with coordinating buttons.

GLUE. He used GLUE.

So I walked backed to the car and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was tempted to ground him till college because he was so happy that he helped and that I liked it.

When I came home I removed the evidence and I may cover the spot of clear glue with an embellishment or possibly reprint the photo. Colin was upset that someone moved the buttons and I told him that the glue didn't hold it.

Colin: "Well I better get more glue."
Me: As shrieks of panic go through my body. "You know that would make a really nice necklace."

He is now happily making me a necklace that I WILL wear in exchange for him laying off of my LO's.


Who knew scrappers floss was so versatile?

Did I mention that this LO is due tomorrow morning?


Megan A. said...

oh I want to see the photo so badly, but it wont load becuase my internet is too slow today. oh well, funny story though! it is sweet that he wants to help! I give my daughter all the little things that I would otherwise throw away, and let her make her own scrapbook pages, I just keep a box full of bits and pieces, letter stickers that have no vowels left, etc.

Jingle said...

Oh, dear! LOL! Well, at least you caught it in a reasonable amount of time. If it wasn't a submission piece I'd say leave it as part of the memory, but that won't so much fly with the manufacturers will it? LOL!

Sarah Lou said...

Oh I love helpers! so sweet that he wanted to help you!

Linda E said...

OMG! Kudos to you for remaining so calm. Sounds like another great stoyr for a future scrap page!

Chrispea said...

Good thinking mom!! Definitely makes a better necklace!

Lauren said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww... I think that's sweet! A pain, but sweet! And I think you pulled a great "redirect!"