Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Recent Share...


I just added this to my gallery in the last few days and thought I would share it here too. The Past Due stamp is from Studio Calico, have I mentioned lately that they make my favorite stamps? Seriously, this LO came together really quickly...the ones I like the most always do for some reason. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for more of these brads that I used on this LO. I got them in the Target dollar spot over a year ago and never used them. I have no idea why I didn't because they are fab but who knows? Probably because I forgot that I had them. I really need to have a limited number of things on hand so I can remember everything that I have. I have been organizing and purging my space lately, definitely helps me remember what I have. I'm also thinking about moving some stuff upstairs. It's great to have a dedicated room but during the day it seems so far away. It would be nice to be able to create during an impromptu soccer game in the living room.

A girl's gotta multi task :-)

Especially considering the holidays are almost here and I just started thinking about the dress I will probably make for my husband's Christmas Party. Which is pretty impressive for me since I still have about a month to go. I thought about buying one but it is much for fun stressing Matt out that it won't be finished in time.

That's pretty good for me :-)


Jingle said...

I love this! It is so vibrant!

Chrispea said...

Your DS looks A-dorable in that photo. Totally cute LO, love that stamp. Are those BG brads? I love those, too.

Veronica said...

LOVE it! I've been away from the "Blogging" world that I actually missed your posts about Disney! What fun!
Aw, go ahead, stress Matt out. It's always fun! ;-)

Sarah Lou said...

This is so fab. I love love love the past due!